Desi Pizzetta 18

(Limited Time!) Crispy 12" pie with choice of chicken tikka or paneer, topped with cilantro, serrano peppers, shaved Parmesan, whole milk mozzarella and drizzled with home-made chutneys

Samosa Minis 7

Bite size vegetarian samosas served with creamy masala sauce

Samosa chat 10

Crisp pastries stuffed with spiced potatoes on a bed of curried garbanzo beans. Topped with mint, tamarind and yogurt

Fiery wings (10pc) 15

Never-fried, 100% mesquite charcoal fire-baked wings, tossed in our signature SPICY, garlic-lime sauce

Tamarind wings (10pc)  15

Never-fried, 100% mesquite charcoal fire-baked wings, tossed in our signature tangy tamarind chutney

Chicken Pakora 9

All white meat chicken, marinated in a chickpea batter deep fried to golden brown served with chutneys

Vegetable Pakora 8

Fresh hand torn spinach leaves, potato bits, chopped onions and crushed cauliflower mixed with chickpea batter to create a crisp fritter. Served with chutneys

Paneer Tikka 15

Hand cut cheese, lightly seasoned and roasted over an open flame served with spicy mango-ginger chutney

Soups and Salads
House Salad 6 

Sliced cucumber, tomatoes and croutons in spring greens

Strawberry Arugula Salad 11

Arugula with fresh strawberries, roasted almonds, shaved aged Parmesan and croutons. Topped with lemon basil vinaigrette.

Dal Soup Cup 5  |  Bowl 8

Stewed yellow lentils, onion, spices, and pepper flakes with lemon

Roasted Chicken Soup Cup 5  |  Bowl 8

Smoked all white meat chicken tikka in lentils with tomato topped with rice

Dressings: Balsamic Vinaigrette  |  Buttermilk Ranch  |  Lemon Basil Vinaigrette


Baked-to-order naan (flatbread)

We create our dough fresh, in house, daily. With 5 simple ingredients: Flour, water, milk, oil and salt.  Naan is baked to order in our clay-lined Tandoor (oven) and finished with "ghee" (clarified butter)

Butter Naan 3

Buttery, delicious flatbread

Garlic Naan 4

With garlic, cilantro and turmeric

Roti 4

Whole wheat alternative to naan (available dairy free)

Onion Naan 4

With finely chopped onions, pepper flakes and cilantro

Cheese Naan 4

Stuffed with cheddar-jack cheese blend

Chicken Tikka Cheese Naan 5

Stuffed with oven roasted chicken and cheddar jack cheese with red pepper blend

Special Naan 5

Stuffed with cheddar jack cheese, topped with garlic and cilantro

Bullet Naan 4

Diced Serrano peppers and tangy chat masala

Tandoori Specialties
Our traditional mesquite charcoal fired Tandoor is a clay lined vertical oven that lends a distinct smoky flavor to our meats, which marinate for at least 24 hours in our special spice blend. These are served with a side of masala. (Gluten friendly)

Tandoori Chicken 18

A Punjabi specialty, clay oven baked half chicken, bone in

Chicken Tikka 18

Boneless all white meat alternative to tandoori chicken, traditional spice

Monsoon Tikka 18

Boneless all white meat chicken with mint, cilantro and spices

Almond Tikka 18

Boneless all white meat chicken in seasoned cashew, almond, ginger and garlic

Tandoori Kabob 18

Choice of smoked ground chicken or lamb, minced with garlic, serrano, ginger and onion. (spicy)

Tandoori Shrimp 23

Clay oven baked shrimp Seasoned with home ground spices and brushed with ghee

Salmon Tikka 23

9 ounce filet seasoned with cracked black pepper, lemon and curry spices

Tour of Tandoor 19

An assortment of our three all white meat tikka options

Traditional Curry
Chef’s exotic concoction of spices with Ginger, onion, garlic, tomato. Finished with kasoori methi
and ghee

(Gluten friendly)

Chicken 17  |  Lamb 18  |  Shrimp 18


Perfected Masala

Forged from our traditional curry with fresh cream, offering rich taste, consistency and a slight
tomato tang

(Gluten friendly)

Chicken 18  |  Lamb 19  |  Shrimp 19

Nutty Korma

Buttery curry with coconut, ground almonds and cashews finished with cream and toasted fenugreek

(Gluten friendly)

Chicken 18  |  Lamb 19  |  Shrimp 19

Creamy Saag
Cut spinach stewed with ginger, onion, garlic, spices and a slightly creamy finish
with ghee

(Gluten friendly)

Chicken 17  |  Lamb 18  |  Shrimp 18


Fiery Vindaloos

Homestyle curry with clay oven fired potatoes, lime, garlic and a special spice blend create our

perfectly balanced, SPICY signature vindaloo. Served with a side of raita. (creamy cucumber sauce)

Chicken 17  |  Lamb 18  |  Shrimp 18


Savory Bhunas

Pan fried curry with rough chopped onions and bell peppers.

Chicken 17  |  Lamb 18  |  Shrimp 18


Aromatic Biryanis
Our long grain Basmati rice, stir fried with a special blend of slow stewed spices, fried onions, fresh mint and cilantro. Served with a side of raita. (creamy cucumber sauce) (Gluten friendly)

Chicken 17  |  Lamb 18  |  Shrimp 18  |  Vegetable  16


Vegetarian Specialties

Paneer Makhni 16
Cubed paneer in creamy masala

Paneer Bhuna 16
Pan fried curry with rough chopped onions and bell peppers with paneer

Navratan Korma 15
Chopped vegetables in traditional korma with paneer

Saag Paneer 16
Paneer in spiced, creamy spinach

Mattar Paneer 16
Paneer cooked with green peas in creamy masala and cilantro with ginger

Tandoori Bangun Bhartha 15
Coal fired eggplant, chopped and seasoned with spices, tomatoes, peas, garlic and ghee

Malai Kofta 16
Vegetables, paneer and spices rolled into chickpea batter, deep fried and served in korma

Dal Makhni (V) 15
Stewed black lentils and kidney beans, ghee roasted cumin and garlic with a touch of cinnamon

Dal Tadka (V) 15
Stewed yellow lentils finished with spices, ghee roasted cumin and garlic with sun dried chillies

Alu Gobi (V) 15
Pan fried potato and cauliflower cooked with ghee, turmeric, spices and pepper flakes

Punjabi Chole (V) 15
Kabuli chana (chick peas) cooked in a light version of our curry with fresh lemon

Mix veggie (V) 15
Sautéed potatoes, peas, carrots and cauliflower cooked in a medium thick curry

 *(V) Available vegan


Mango Chutney (DF)  4

Raita  4

Tamarind Chutney (DF)  4

Mint Chutney  4

Achar Pachranga (DF) (spiced pickled veggies in oil) 3

Chutney Sampler - mix & match 3 dippable portions of any chutney & raita  6

Papadum  4

Chai  4

Mango Lassi  5

Side Basmati Rice (DF)  4

French Fries (DF) 4

Masala Sauce 5

*(DF) Dairy free


Signature Kheer 6

Sweet, creamy, slow churned Basmati rice pudding with almonds, pistachio and coconut

Gulab Jamun 9

Caramelized donut holes in a warm cardamom infused simple syrup with coconut flakes & vanilla ice cream

Towering Carrot Cake 14

Sliced for two. Perfectly balanced frosted carrot cake with hints of pineapple, pecan and walnut bits.

Towering Chocolate Cake 13

Sliced for two. Bittersweet chocolate dusted cake with milk chocolate layers. Served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Please Note:

Our gluten friendly options contain no gluten in recipe, however we are not a gluten free facility

Signature Cocktails

Tamarind Margarita 11

Maestro Dobel tequila,,Naranja liqueur, organic agave and tamarind with Tajin/raw sugar rim

Classic Rye Manhattan  12

Knob Creek rye whiskey, sweet vermouth, Amarena cherry and bitters

Lime Drop Martini 12

Grey Goose vodka, Naranja liqueur, organic agave, fresh squeezed lime with raw sugar rim

Black Cherry Lime Drop 12

Ketel One Oranje vodka, Naranja liqueur, fresh squeezed lime, black cherry and sugar rim

Old Fashioned 12

Woodford Reserve bourbon, bitters, organic agave, Amarena cherry, orange

Peach Tea Lemonade 10

Deep Eddy sweet tea vodka, peach schnapps and lemonade

Signature Margarita 11

Patron Anejo tequila, Naranja liqueur, organic agave, sea salt rim

Moscow Mule 10

Ketel One vodka, Regatta ginger beer and fresh squeezed lime

Amrud Margarita 11

Patron Anejo tequila, Naranja liqueur and guava with sugar rim

Sangria 8

Red or white wine, Naranja liqueur with hints of pineapple, strawberry and mango


Line 39 Cabernet G 7 / B 22

Kendall Jackson Cabernet G 12/ B 39

Meiomi Pinot Noir G 13 / B 47

J Lohr Cabernet B 36

Cooper & Thief Red Blend B 44

Piatelli Malbec G 10/ B 36

Decoy Merlot G 11/ B 38

1000 Stories Barrel-Aged Red G 11/ B38


Line 39 Chardonnay G 7 / B 22

Cavit Pinot Grigio G 7 / B 27

Eroica Riesling  B 32

Meiomi Chardonnay G 12 / B 40

Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc G 11 / B 40

Daou Rose G 12 / B 39

Decoy Sauvignon Blanc G 12/ B 42

Lunetta Prosecco G 7

Please Note: An 18% service charge may be added to parties of 6 or more